Myocarditis After One Year

52 Minutes

Renowned cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough explains the mechanism we've learned from recent research about how spike proteins cause potentially deadly myocarditis in a large percentage of patients up to one year (or maybe more) after inoculation.

He goes into how nearly everything we've been told about the vaccine to ease our minds has been absolutely wrong, and gives proof of how it isn't COVID-19 itself causing these sudden deaths, but the 'vaccine' itself. About half of the survivors have heart scarring that may be permanent, and presumably will make them susceptible to heart attacks for the rest of their life.

He also relates personal knowledge of some athletes and others who have had serious problems subsequent to getting the shot, but are still afraid to tell the public about it.

Later on in the video, he describes a formula that he believes may help break down these spike proteins in the body. Something about these mRNA-created spike proteins appears to let them permanently persist in your body.

Journal article (paywall): Circulation Vol 148, No. 5 - Cardiovascular Assessment up to One Year After COVID-19 Vaccine —Associated Myocarditis

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Specific Vaccine Damage
Posted: August 4, 2023
Updated: May 21, 2024