An Extinction Level Event

50 Minutes

Doctor Lee Merritt Warns: This Is An Extinction Level Event

We're not kidding.

Early on, this conclusion about the mass vaccination programs would have seemed quite ludicrous and over the top, not even something worth considering. But as time went on, other explanations have become obviously unrealistic. Let's look at a few:

The only explanation I've seen to date that makes sense at this point is that this is a willful effort to destroy vast numbers of the human population. The documented reproductive damage caused by the injections, the rabid push to inject children for a disease that doesn't affect them, the mandates in spite of skyrocketing death rates post-vaccination for working and otherwise normally healthy people, makes little sense otherwise.

For instance, look at Justin Trudeau's position on the truckers' protests. It makes no sense to alienate a huge percentage of your population if your supposed primary concern is the health risks to a miniscule percentage of people who are easily identifiable.

Throughout history, despots have thinned their populations to keep them manageable. This could logically be another one of those times, with the addition of concurrently adding extra levels of control such as a Chinese-style social credit system. Add to that the fact that a good number of those leading the 'vaccination' charge have previously voiced serious concerns about the threat of overpopulation.

There are also those who believe these same people are pushing for a 'next generation human', and indeed there are documents and ongoing discussions for a transhumanism evolution that needs a little help from science. Such as genetic and other enhancements, and again, a need to decrease the current inferior populace.

Kate Dalley Interview

34 Minutes

See more from Dr. Merritt in this subsequent interview by Kate Dalley. She goes more into the evidence of damage from the mRNA injections, what has been learned in regards to spike protein shedding from 'vaccinated' individuals to those who have not received the 'vaccine', and what's going on with HIV findings post-vaccination.

It's worth watching just to learn about the Winter Vagina issue.

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Posted: February 16, 2022
Updated: May 21, 2024