Placebo Vaccinations

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This story is about a former Slovenian nurse who contends that vaccine vials are encoded to distinguish between three different contents:

  1. Simple saline solution
  2. The normal mRNA genetic therapy
  3. The mRNA contents plus an onco gene that is thought to be linked to cancer development.

I can neither confirm nor dispute her accusations; almost nothing is allowed to be spoken about this in the normal social media and internet platforms. The article says that 'some sources' say that the "woman continues to work in the facility and has disavowed the story as false," but I've also not found any evidence to that effect.

There is another article with a non-English video here.

There is also a shorter video excerpt with English sub-titles here.

While this seems very hard to believe, the fact that it is not publicly disputed and simply banned from the public eye might make one wonder. It might also explain the number of incidents we've seen where people were 'mistakenly' given saline solution instead of the intended shots.

If I find any further evidence to her claims or status, pro or con, I will post them here.

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Posted: December 1, 2021
Updated: May 21, 2024