DNA Repair Suppression

Research Analysis

A stunning study in the research journal Viruses concludes that the SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein (present in the virus and manufactured by your body after being injected with the COVID 'vaccines') cripples your body's ability to repair damaged DNA strands.

DNA damage can occur fairly often from external factors such as radiation encountered from X-ray equipment or while flying in commercial aircraft, chemicals found in personal care products, excessive sun exposure, and other areas. Normally, your body has a repair mechanism inside the nucleus of your cells to handle this.

However, researchers found that the spike proteins appear to be attracted to the cell nucleus, where they disrupt this mechanism by as much as 90%. This can lead to runaway cancers, immunodeficiency, autoimmune disorders, accelerated aging, and a host of other problems, as you might expect.

A cached version of the original paper can be found at the Natural News website.

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Specific Vaccine Damage
Posted: November 4, 2021
Updated: May 21, 2024