Pfizer Suggests Shedding

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A Pfizer protocol document for its 'vaccine' trials cautions that the treatments might be transferred to unintended persons, either by sharing the same breathing space or by direct skin contact.

One of the concerns highlighted by the document is the risk of Exposure During Pregnancy, or EDP. A number of ways such exposures can take place are listed, but here is one of the most interesting examples given:

By "exposed to the study intervention" they mean that this person or provider did not receive the vaccine, but was in contact with someone who had.

So an unvaccinated doctor might be in a room examining someone who received the vaccine, then goes home and kisses his wife who has recently become pregnant. She is now at risk of miscarriage or other problems.


The document can be obtained by one of the links below.

Pfizer document (cached): pfizervax.pdf

Original Source:

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Warnings Shedding and Transmission
Posted: June 8, 2021
Updated: May 23, 2024