Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

1 hour

Dr. Tenpenny Warns About the Vaccine

An interview by Reinette Senum where Dr. Tenpenny explains why she believes the COVID vaccines will start working to decrease populate in 3-6 months via a process called Antibody Dependent Enhancement. She goes into great detail about the physiological and immune response mechanisms that have been seen in animal studies that use a similar process to these mRNA vaccines. She describes the Trojan Horse mechanism and a couple other effects that have been observed that ended research on these types of vaccines in years past.

This is worth watching just for her explanation of the details of the physiology and her medical practice observations.

Other topics are touched on relating to the greater political aspects of the whole situation.

An Update

25 Minutes

Dr. Tenpenny gives an interview on March 10, 2021 from Daystar Television (Shot In The Dark) where she goes into more detail about some of the vaccines and how they operate. It's very good for scientifically-curious people who want to understand the physiology.

She also answers questions such as "What advice would you give to people who have got these vaccines that are now getting this information, and they're scared?"

(Spoiler: It's not an answer people will like.)

More information:

drtenpenny.com - Dr. Tenpenny's Web Page


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