Frontline Testimonies

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It is everyone's right to review the first-hand testimonies of the COVID vaccine adverse reactions without censorship by the news media (or social media).
With access to this data, you can perform a risk/benefit analysis for yourself.

This document, updated April 14, 2021, contains over 100 pages of stories of deaths and other adverse reactions soon after a COVID vaccine was administered.

It also contains details of how some of the vaccines were 'tested', which helps you to understand why they are still considered experimental, since such testing would not qualify as solid scientific research for safety and effectiveness.

In addition, it goes over the legal reasons why these vaccines cannot be mandated, according to both federal law and the Nuremberg Code.

This is a large file, so it may take some time to load.

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Posted: April 14, 2021
Updated: May 21, 2024